Beard oil "Bārdainis Neitrāls”

Beard oil "Bārdainis Neitrāls”

Beard oil "Bārdainis Neitrāls”

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  • Product: Bārdas eļļa "Bārdainis Neitrāls”
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Beard Oil “Bārdainis Neitrāls”

  For daily use with your favorite perfume fragrance.

Many men have their favorite aromas - perfumes, cologne ... and they don’t really like to confuse it with other aromas, therefore in the Bārdoinis series there is a mixture of chic, expensive ExtraVirgin oils - Argananovo, Macadami, Jojoba without ethers. It has a thicker consistency, it binds well to hair and skin, as a result it nourishes and moisturizes better, and the effect lasts longer.

All ingredients are organic.

 Application: One dosing pressure corresponds to one drop of oil. Apply 2-5 drops of oil to the palm of your hand, rub between the palms of your hands and apply oil over the entire beard, massaging and rubbing into the skin. The beard is then combed.

For daily use, together with your favorite cologne.
Composition INCI: Cold-pressed oil, unrefined 100% - Argania spinosa kernel (Argana oil), Makadamia integrifolia (Makadamija oil), Simmondsia chenensis (Jojoba oil).

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