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Carrot macerate / Carrot oil / Carrot extract

Organic Carrot Root Oil is produced using CO2 extraction for natural extraction

all lipophilic properties of components soluble in CO2 from dried roots of wild carrots.

It has a pleasant light, sweet and earthy aroma and a beautiful dark orange color.

Carrot root oil is one of the most valuable oils for skin and hair care and is also actively used

in aromatherapy because of its detoxifying effect and powerful anti-aging properties.

Our carrot oil is highly concentrated and even a small amount is essential.

Due to its rich composition, it perfectly helps with many skin problems, especially those associated with irritation.

and inflammation. Carrot oil is high in antioxidants and is therefore most commonly used for

stimulating the formation of new skin cells, this is what makes it an excellent remedy for anti-aging care

behind the skin. It is also great for a wide range of nutritional and moisturizing formulations designed to

for mature, dry, itchy or severely damaged skin.

The wonderful natural orange color of carrot root oil will also give the skin a pleasant, light, light orange tint.

Carrot root oil is rich in carotene and many vitamins, therefore it is also useful for protecting and strengthening hair and

respectively for the scalp.

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