Beard oil " Bārdainis "

For those who wear a mustache and beard - there are three reasons why you need, perhaps the best of beard oils.

First, let's be practical. Beards sometimes itch, there can also be dandruff and this is annoying. Attention was drawn to many bearded men who “love” to play with their beard.

Our Bārdainis oils relieve itching and peeling.

Secondly, your beard is the first thing people notice. If she looks unkempt, smells bad or is scratched, you immediately lose points.

Our Bārdainis oils are formulated for facial hair care. They relieve odor, soften locks, make them obedient to comb and add shine.

Thirdly, beard oils are good for your skin and improve hair structure and growth.

Our Bārdainis oils are rich in omega fatty acids, many vitamins and trace elements. They are 100% composed of natural ingredients of organic origin.

Beard oil "Bārdainis klasiskā"

Beard Oil "Bārdainis Klasiskā”For skin irritation and silkiness“Bārdainis Klasiska” beard oil was created to soothe irritated skin as much as possible. Lavender and eucalyptus can easily cope with this, if necessary, prophylactic and tea tree oil wil..


Beard oil "Bārdainis Neitrāls”

Beard Oil “Bārdainis Neitrāls”  For daily use with your favorite perfume fragrance.Many men have their favorite aromas - perfumes, cologne ... and they don’t really like to confuse it with other aromas, therefore in the Bārdoinis series there is..


Beard oil "Bārdainis Super”

Beard Oil "Bārdainis Super”For growth and silkiness of the beard.Bārdainis Super Beard Oil has a stunning formula - a brutal, truly masculine fragrance. Brutality is given by shades of black pepper, sandalwood, incense. Peace and confidence are given..


Beard oil"Bārdainis Afrodiziaks”

Beard Oil ”Bārdainis Afrodiziaks” .  With a good aroma you are irresistible!Designed to enhance attractiveness of the opposite sex.And of course, this cocktail nourishes and moisturizes the skin and hair with all the necessary trace element..


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