Solid oils 4

Shea Batter

Shea Butter / Shea Batter - unrefined, raw, 100%, obtained from the fruit of the Shea tree.Want to have smooth, velvety skin on your face and body? Want shiny, thick and strong hair, luscious lips? Shea butter is perfect for these challenges!Shea tre..


Coconut oil

Coconut oil- nerafinete, colt pressed.Fatty vegetable oil, which is made from copra (white flesh of coconut). Is made from dried coconutflesh by the method of hot pressing. At room temperature(15-20 ° С) coconut oil is solid mass in white color. Than..


Neem butter

Nīma eļļа– spēcīgs antiseptisks, pretsēnīšu un pretiekaisuma līdzeklis, tam ir antibakteriālas un brūces dziedējošas īpašības. Eļļa ir ļoti efektīva, ārstējot dažādas ādas slimības, ir spēcīgs ādu mitrinošs un balinošs līdzeklis. Nīma eļļa attīra asi..


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