Fennel essential oil

Fennel essential oil

Fennel essential oil

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Fennel essential oil is obtained from seeds by steam distillation. Fenchel belongs to the celery order, although it looks similar to ukrom. Since the Middle Ages, fennel has been charged with the ability to drive out evil spirits and its leaves were hung over the doors, and the seeds were carried in pockets.

Aroma: sweetish-grassy, ​​similar to the smell of anise, but not pronounced, slightly dull.

Aromatic properties: aphrodisiac, relieves obsessive states, creates a feeling of inner freedom and confidence.

Aromatherapy: has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antispasmodic properties. It has a vascular and diuretic effect. It improves the work of the digestive tract, eliminates nausea, flatulence, constipation, heartburn, belching and hiccups. Helps to cope with painful and irregular menstruation, eases menopausal symptoms (especially sweating).
In case of catarrhal diseases, it facilitates coughing, freeing the airways 
ideal for dry, loose skin, moisturizes and tones, improves facial contour. Eliminates puffiness around the eyes and fine wrinkles. It is added to massage drugs against cellulite, in the mixture to care for the oral cavity.

Application: in aroma lamp: 3-5 drops per 15 sq. M., Inhalations: 2-3 drops, bath, bath, massage.

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