Majoran essential oil

Majoran essential oil

Majoran essential oil

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Marjoram / Marjoram oil (Origanum majorana)

Majoran essential oil is obtained from the flowering tops of the plant, by distillation with water vapor.

Aroma: Marjoram oil has a fresh, warm, herbal. spicy oriental flavor.

In aromatherapy: Aromatic adaptogen. Elixir against fear, removes the syndrome of neurasthenia, anxiety, fear,
hostility and gives a sense of optimism and faith in yourself. Adaptogens make it easier for a person to tolerate the effects of stress.
It has an anti-inflammatory effect in case of problems of the respiratory system, fights snoring.
In cosmetology: Helps to soften and renew hardened skin areas, removes corrosive growths, reduces warts.

FIELD AND METHOD OF APPLICATION: massage, baths, cosmetics, inhalations. Use it in moderation.
no more than five drops, for massage or bath, 1-3 drops for cosmetics and as a part of base oils.
CAUTION: Oil of mfiran may irritate the skin. Do not use on skin when exposed to sunlight.
Safe to use at home if used in diluted form. It is not recommended to take inside.

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