Delivery Information

Shipping cost in Latvia 3.5 Eur

Delivery in Latvia is free, when ordering with a volume above 40.0Eur

When ordering more than 35.0 Eur, you will receive a gift from the company - a bottle of fresh linseed oil.

When ordering more than 22.0Eur and your desire, you will receive a Client card and the opportunity to purchase products with a discount of up to 25%

The cost and volume of delivery to other countries is negotiated separately after receiving the order.



1. For the purchase of goods, the buyer, registered in the online store and agreed to these Rules, fills out the order form on the page of the online store. Order confirmation implies the buyer's obligation to pay for the purchase. After receiving the customer's order, SIA VizaOilGroup sends a confirmation of the entry into force of the order. The order remains valid until it is executed.

2. Delivery of goods to the buyer is carried out by the method selected by the buyer. SIA VizaOilGroup within 3 working days, after receiving the payment, sends the order to the buyer

3. Delivery of goods can be carried out as follows (in accordance with the specified type of delivery in the order):

- the appearance of the buyer at the office of SIA VizaOilGroup at Avotu 17, Riga.

- by courier at the address indicated by the buyer in the Republic of Latvia within 3 working days after receiving a notice of readiness for delivery.

- Through Omniva's or other similar postal services.

4. The buyer must be in the specified place at the appointed time, as well as be in touch with a mobile phone in order to negotiate with the courier about the delivery details. Otherwise, the buyer will be obliged to pay all costs associated with a particular order.