SAGE essential oi

SAGE essential oi

SAGE essential oi

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SAGE (Salivia sciarea)

SAGE essential oil is extracted from flowering tops and leaves. It is grown in Morocco, England, France and throughout the Mediterranean. Sage was considered one of the most valuable herbs used to treat stomach disorders, infertility and all nervous experiences.

Aroma: Sage essential oil has a very spicy, fresh aroma.

Aromatic properties: Sage essential oil reduces nervous tension, promotes self-development and self-expression

In aromatherapy: It has antibacterial, antiviral properties, effectively fights against pathogenic microbes, especially when there are microbial problems with the digestive tract. Used successfully for inflammation of the airways. Reduces lactation. Soothes hyperactive children.

In cosmetology: as a sedative effect for oily and problem skin. Effectively with psoriasis, acne, cracks. It is added to preparations for the oral cavity, eliminates unpleasant odor, in preparations for intimate hygiene due to its anti-inflammatory, antiviral properties.

FIELD AND METHOD OF APPLICATION: massage, baths, cosmetics, inhalations. Use it in moderation, no more than five drops, for a massage or bath to lift your spirits. 1-3 drops for cosmetics and inhalation. Often used to enrich the means of intimate hygiene, as well as with genetic problems. Not recommended during pregnancy and elbow, drivers during operation.

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