Argana oil

Argana oil

Argana oil

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ARGAN OIL FROM MOROCCO. Not refined / Extra Virgin / - 100%
A real beauty serum. Natural care for face, body and hair.
Argan oil is one of the most valuable and expensive oils. The oil is obtained from the fruits of the prickly argan tree ("Argania spinosa" or "iron" tree), which grows on the African continent in Morocco. This is the only place on the planet where this tree grows. The age of the tree reaches 150-300 years.
The production of argan oil is a very laborious and painstaking process. The oil is mined by hand and only by women. About 1 liter of oil is extracted from 3 kg of seeds. That is, to obtain one liter of argan oil, you need to harvest about 6-7 trees.

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