Black cumin oil

Black cumin oil

Black cumin oil

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The company “Visa Oil Group” represents the natural live 100% black cumin oil of black cumin seeds obtained from yellow seeds, without flavorings and flavor additives.

Seeding nigella (black cumin)

The Prophet Muhammed said: “Nigella cures of all diseases except the death.”

Etheric oils that are in the content of black cumin oil have an unusual odor, they have a strong bactericidal and antiseptic properties. Their antibiotic effect has the influence on pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Black cumin oil is the bile, urine propulsive, laxative and anti-helminth agent,  it increases lactation, stimulates the work of immune system.

Is recommended:

- in cases of TB, HIV, chronic infections,

- bronchial asthma (removes bronchospazms)

- to prevent inflammation (including, in cases of arthritis)

- in cases of sharp respiratory viral illness

- to reduce blood sugar levels

- to prevent the formation of kidney stones

- in cases of insomnia

- to improve memory and increase the tone of life

- to avoid nausea, vomiting

- in cases of dizziness – tonsilliti

- in  the case of laziness

Is not recommended:

- for pregnant women

- for people with transplanted organs


- А , Е vitamin

- sulfur, phosphorus, iron, calcium, zinc, copper, carbohydrates, proteins, active enzymes, nygelon, tymohinon – polyunsaturated fatty acids: alpha-linoleic acid – Omega 3 (till1%), linoleic acid – Omega 6 (55-65%) , oleic acid – Omega 9 (15-18%)

- palmitic acid, stearic acid, eikozēnskābe


– intake – 3-5 drops 1-3 times per day (see section Additional Information)

– externally – (see section Additional Information)

 Attention! Using oils for therapeutic purposes, it is recommended to make a consultation with specialists.

Additional information.

Nigella (black cumin) fire flower family plant. More common in the Eastern and Southern European countries, including the European part of Russia, the Caucasus, Central Asia, has benn cultivated in Ukraine.

In East, its healing properties are used for more than three thousand years. Faith to its excellent strength to protect people from illness was so severe that  archaeologists found a small bottle of oil nigella in the family tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

Blooming period of black cumin ends with the emergence of the bolls, which, like the poppy, is filled with the seeds – they are also black cumin seeds. By cold press the valuable oil is obtained from  black cumin seeds. Mainly, it is produced in Egypt, from where it is delivered to different countries.

Favorable climatic conditions with large amount of solar days per year promote the accumulation of biologically active substances of nigella and provide amazing therapeutic effect of nigella.

Plant seeds contain large polysaturated fatty acids, which are cell membrane stabilizers, it normalize cholesterol exchange and, thus, reduces the risk of develpoment of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.

In addition, it stimulates the body’s immune protective system, affects a positively the appearance of the skin,  it has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Kinds of use.

Ethnic medicine uses black cumin (tea) as bile, urine driving, laxative, anti-helminth, and lactation enhancing agent. Nigella oil can be added to the salad or taken in (1/2 teaspoon during the meal 3 times per day).

- in case of sharp respiratory viral illness – from the first day of illness the patient should drink  3 drops 3 times a day.

- for hair treatment – add 5 drops of rucola juice and let it stay for 10 minutes. Then add apple vinegar and olive oil (100 ml) and mix. Pour into the bottle. Depending on the length of hair, rub in 1-3 tablespoons. Leave for 20 minutes, then wash your hair.

- the content of tea against colds and bronchitis: 5 drops of black cumin, a teaspoon of liquorice root and chemists` chamomile flowers, 1/2 tsp. anise seed. Mix all parts in a large bowl and pour it with hot water. Let it stay for 10 minutes, then percolate. Add sugar under the taste ( honey can be used).

-  in case of young people’s acne – face cleaning use 2-5 drops 3 times a day to clean the face.

- in case of rheumatism (muscular pain) – warm a bit olive oil mixed with a small amount of black cumin oil and rub intensely a sick place.

- in case of skin deseases – add 1-3 drops of black cumin oil, 1 tablespoon  of olive oil. Rubin  the mixture and leave for 1 hour. After wash with soap and water.

- in case of head dizziness  – add the oil to tea and drink. As well as, rub under the cheeks and the back of the neck.

- in case of high blood pressure –  mix nigella with a hot drink and rab the body with black cumin oil

- in case of pain in chest and the cold – add boiling water 4 drops of oil and inhale the vapor. Before going to bed bind the head.

- the case of laziness – mix 5 drops of black cumin with a glass of orange juice, and drink the beverage for 10 days – in the morning, after waking up

- to improve the memory – boil mint and add honey and 5 drops of black cumin. Drink a hot drink at any time. Also stop drinking coffee and tea.

- in case of insomnia – 3 drops of black cumin seeds mix with honey or tea and drink before dinner.

- in case of nausea, vomiting – 3 drops of black cumin add to menthol concoction and take 3 times a day.

-  in case of tonsillitis ( only in case of palatal tonsil inflammation) – 5 drops of black cumin add to 1.5 l of water. Gargle the throat 2 times a day.

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