Marine Collagen / Flexit Gold

Marine Collagen / Flexit Gold

Marine Collagen / Flexit Gold

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Why do we need collagen?

After the age of 21, the body's own collagen synthesis reduces at a rate of 1,5% a year. By the age of 45 collagen levels may have fallen by as much as 36%.


The most correct and natural way to restore the body's own collagen production is to start consuming collagen internally, which will, in turn, facilitate natural collagen generation by connecting tissue cells. 


Daily intake of marine collagen will help to:


  • minimize fine lines and wrinkles

  • improve skin tone

  • increase skin hydration 

  • increase skin elasticity

  • decrease micro-furrows 

  • support the bone matrix and marrow 

  • strengthen nails

  • thicken fine and damaged hair, slow down hair loss

  • support joints and cartilage health

  • improve blood vessels strength and overall intestinal health

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