Thuja essential oil

Thuja essential oil

Thuja essential oil

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Thuja essential oil  is obtained from the cones of the tree by distillation with water vapor.

Aroma: camphor, strong and bright, typical for coniferous resinous notes, determined by the content of thujone.
Thuyon is one of the two most important active components of absinthe along with ethyl alcohol.

Aromatherapy properties:
Thuja essential oil is considered to be one of the most dangerous. It is toxic, very aggressive and requires careful use. But this does not detract from its powerful healing properties, because it is largely indispensable and is actively used in official medicine.
It has a very powerful antiseptic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory properties. Effectively with rheumatism, relieves muscle pain. Helps get rid of warts and similar skin problems of viral origin.

Use in cosmetology:
Given the high toxicity, it is used in cosmetology minimally. Suitable in very low concentrations for massage for pain in muscles and joints.

Caution: Tui oil is very toxic, cannot be used orally and is used in very low concentrations. Do not use during pregnancy, lactation, for young children and for epilepsy.

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