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Walnutoil containsa recordamount ofvitamin Е (warning toxaemia).Greckij oreh

Reducescholesterolin the blood, reducesthe risk ofcardiacdisease, promoteseliminationof radionuclidesfrom the body, strongly tones andincreases thebody defense abilitiesa.

Restoresandmaintains afullexchange ofskin tissue.

Slows down theaging processandpromotesthe body recovery.


- in case of skintuberculosis, psoriasis, eczema, eating, furunculosis, non-healingwounds, gangreneand burns

- in case of varicoseveins

- in case of expansion of chronichepatitis

- in case of increase of gastricacidity

- in case of hyperfunction of thyroid

- constipationandlaxative

- againstascarids–fightingobesity

- for maintenance ofthe immune system

Contra indications.

No contra-indications and limitations to the use.


A, Е, С, В2, В3, В6 vitamins

Zn and Cu minerals

Polysaturated fatty accids Omega 3 (10-15%), Omega 6 (55-65%), Omega 9 (14-17%)


- intake —for 1-2 teaspoons 2-3 times a day

- externally – for lubrication of damaged places

Attention! Using oils for treating targets, the consultation with doctors are recommended.

Additional information:

Walnurt oil for long period of time is sucessfully used in many areas essential for the life of human. For example, it is suitabale for treating burns and non-healingwounds, gangreneandrosesinflammation.

The esence of the walnut oil is such that it renoweates and maintain full change of skin tissues. In addition, it fully eliminate fungus flora thus this oil is sucessfully used in treatment of skin tuberkulosis.

Walnut oil, used as a cosmetic means renews, regenerates, moisturizes and tones the skin. It is explained by the fact that the oil is satuarated with polyunsaturated fatty accids. The oil penetrates in the skin qickly and well and simply resolves.

Oilconsists offat-soluble vitamins(А, Еvitamins), whichneutralizes theeffectsof radionuclidesandcontribute toacceleration of the processthatthe bodyisexposed toradiation, promotesthe production of blood.

Vitamins strengthensblood vesselsandprevents theliverandfatinfiltration ofthe vessel wall. This is espeiallyimportant tocardiovasculardisease, liver disease, endocrine, and even diabetestreatment and prevention. Walnutoil improves themetabolism in theendocrine glands, which have a positiveimpact onblood sugar levelsby normalizingit, andthyroid hormones.

Walnutoil can be usedas iontherapy.This contributes toa significantimprovement ofcellularimmunity, antibodyreductiontothyroidantigens andconcentration. Of circulatingimmune complex.

Thanks to vitamins in the content of walnutoil, itfacilitates theincrease of general toneof lifeandstabilizesthe immunestatus. Due to the factthat all participate in the process of bodyoxidative–rejuvenating process and that they are antioxidants, the use of walnutoil slows down theaging process.

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