About Us

Our vision, goals and mission.
VizaOilGroup was established in 2009 with the aim of popularizing and distributing therapeutic-grade vegetable oils.
We are the smart part between agricultural producers and the end user,
the goal of our efforts is to satisfy all interested parties.
Stakeholders are:
- the manufacturer and we carefully select it according to one criterion - quality, and help him sell his products
- Our shareholders and employees, we must take care of the people involved in this enterprise, it should be economically profitable.
- the state, we transfer a certain part of the proceeds from the sale to the state in the form of taxes ...
- the buyer is our main goal, we offer him clean, natural, super-healthy products for health,
which will help to remain an active, healthy and cheerful person capable of realizing his own potential.
 Our Mission - our products to every home!