Flour from seeds 8

Black cumin seed flour. Protein.

Гранулы из семян Чёрного тминаBlack cumin seed granulesSUPER FOODPROTEIN + CELL AND ALL VITAMINS!“Nigella cures all diseases except death. (Quran - Prophet Muhammad.)The essential oils contained in the seeds, having a pleasant raspberry smell, have a..


Hemp seed flour. Protein

Hemp seed granules. ProteinSUPER FOOD BIOPROTEIN + CELLGranules (meal) from hemp seeds for a healthy liver and a beautiful figure!Hemp is one of the most effective medicinal plants in folk medicine. Various preparations are made from it for the treat..


Milk seed granules. Protein.

  MILK SEED GRANULESSUPER FOOD BIOPROTEIN + CELL AND ALL VITAMINS!Milk thistle flour for a healthy liver and a beautiful figure!Milk thistle is one of the most effective medicinal herbs. From it produce world-famous drugs for the treatment of di..


Raspberry seed flour. Protein.

Raspberry Seed GranulesSUPER FOODPROTEIN + CELL AND ALL VITAMINSFlour (granules) from raspberry seeds actively rejuvenates, strengthens the immune system, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor agent.ЭIngredients: Energy value per 100 g: 261 Kcal / 1068kJ., P..


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