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Elixir Men's health

Elixir of men’s health – a cocktail of 8 better and stronger oils focused on the full operation of the male body. All oils are part of the elixir obtained by cold pressing / Extra Virgin /, without the addition of preservatives, fragrances and flavor..


Shea Batter

Shea Butter / Shea Batter - unrefined, raw, 100%, obtained from the fruit of the Shea tree.Want to have smooth, velvety skin on your face and body? Want shiny, thick and strong hair, luscious lips? Shea butter is perfect for these challenges!Shea tre..


Almond oil

Almond oil is obtained by pressing two kinds of pink flower (Rosасеае) gender seeds,  ordinary almonds (sweet and bitter). Transparent yellowish, odorless liquid with a pleasant taste.With high phytosterol, amigdalin, tokosterol, triolein, glyce..


Amaranta oil

Amaranta oil / Extra Virgin / Amaranta eļļu cilvēki lietojuši jau pirms tūkstošiem gadu. To ieguva ar vienkāršu paņēmienu, presējot šī auga sēklas, kurās ir tikai 15 % eļļļa  Par amaranta dzimteni tiek uzskatīta Centrālā Amerika. No amarant..


Argana oil

ARGAN OIL FROM MOROCCO. Not refined / Extra Virgin / - 100%A real beauty serum. Natural care for face, body and hair.Argan oil is one of the most valuable and expensive oils. The oil is obtained from the fruits of the prickly argan tree ("Argania spi..


Avokado oil

The company "VizaOilGroup" proposes – live, 100% avocado oil with no additives, fragrances and flavors.The Aztecs called the avocado oil as the oil of  beauty, natives of South and Central America considered it as an aphrodisiac – attracting the..


Black cumin oil

The company “Visa Oil Group” represents the natural live 100% black cumin oil of black cumin seeds obtained from yellow seeds, without flavorings and flavor additives.Seeding nigella (black cumin)The Prophet Muhammed said: “Nigella cures of all disea..


Castor oil

Castor oilCastor oil obtained by cold pressing.The effectiveness of castor oil has been proven by more than one generation. Even our great-grandmothers used castor oil to care for their hair, face and body.For years, castor oil has been prescribed by..


Chili pepper flavored olive oil



Coconut oil

Coconut oil- nerafinete, colt pressed.Fatty vegetable oil, which is made from copra (white flesh of coconut). Is made from dried coconutflesh by the method of hot pressing. At room temperature(15-20 ° С) coconut oil is solid mass in white color. Than..


Elixir Cleaning

Elixir Detox — is a cocktail of 3 strong cleaning body oils. All oils of the elixir obtained by cold pressing / Extra Virgin / Each of this oils was used and proofed for thousands of years, by people of different countries and continents.Composition:..


Elixir Women Health

Composition:- Evening primrose oil (evening primrose), sesame (til), avocados, amaranth, black cumin, sea buckthorn, walnut and mustard.- Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B4, B6, B9, C, D, E, P, K,- Polyunsaturated fatty acids: Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9- Fito..


Evening primrose oil



Gourmet Olive Oil 500ml Extra Virgin, Premium

Gourmet Olive Oil / Extra Virgin, Premium /Possibly the best of olive oils!Olive Oil - Extra Virgin, Premium, PICUAL OR MARTEA Grade This is a world famous olive oil, it produces an exceptional oil with green tones, with a bitter, fruity taste. If th..


Grapeseed oil

Kompānija "Viza Oil Group" piedāvā dabīgu dzīvu 100 %  vīnogu kauliņu eļļu bez konservantiem, aromatizētājiem un garšas uzlabotājiem.Vīnogu kauliņu jeb vīnogu eļļa tiek iegūta no kaltētām vīnogu sēkliņām un gatavota ar aukstās spiedes metodi.Vīn..


Hemp oil

BUY HEMP OIL Unrefined / Extra Virgin / - 100/250 mlGesamt THC/ Total THC: < 5 mg/kg The oil obtained from agricultural hemp seeds, together with linseed oil, has always been one of the most popular, favoured and widely used in cooking  ..


Jojoba oil

Žožobas  eļļa ir unikāls, dabīgs produkts, ko iegūst no mūžzaļa krūma augļiem. Šie augi aug pašās karstākajās un sausākajās vietās uz mūsu planētas. Žožobas rieksti satur apmēram 50% vaska, tādēļ žožobas eļļu nereti dēvē par šķidro vasku.Žo..


Linseed oil

LINSEED OILCharacteristics of our linseed oil:cold-pressed at a temperature till 45 ° (while maintaining our ancestral traditions)during the pressing 100% food flax is used (Kudrjavecs` kind)rich in Omega-3 (our oil has six times more omega-3 than in..


Macadamia oil

MACADAMIA OILMacadamia oil - live, unrefined, 100%, obtained by cold pressing, without the addition of preservatives, flavors and flavorings.VizaOilGroupThe Macadamia tree grows mainly in Australia, some of its species grow in the countries of South ..


Milk thistle oil

Protects, cleans and restores the liver, removing a variety of poisoning: alcohol, chemical treatment, mushrooms, reduces the development of the breast, cervix, prostate cancer; regulates appetite, strengthens eyesight, lowers cholesterol.Recommended..


Mustard oil

MUSTARD OIL / Sinepju eļļaMUSTARD OIL / Sinepju eļļa Mustard oil - from the seeds of yellow mustard, has been successfully used for many centuries not only as a valuable dietary food product, but also as a multifunctional therapeutic and prophyl..


Neem butter

Nīma eļļа– spēcīgs antiseptisks, pretsēnīšu un pretiekaisuma līdzeklis, tam ir antibakteriālas un brūces dziedējošas īpašības. Eļļa ir ļoti efektīva, ārstējot dažādas ādas slimības, ir spēcīgs ādu mitrinošs un balinošs līdzeklis. Nīma eļļa attīra asi..


Olive oil 500ml Extra Virgin, Premium

Olive oil / Extra Virgin, Premium /PICUAL OR MARTEA varietyIt is a famous variety in the world, it produces an exceptional oil with green tones, with a bitter, fruity taste. If the oil is young, it is even pungent, astringent with a pronounced aroma...


Olive oil with a mushroom taste

Olive oil with a mushroom tasteOLIVE OIL Ideal for enriching the taste of dishes, regardless of how they are prepared. A few drops of oil are enough and the dish will acquire a unique taste.This oil will emphasize the freshness and aroma of poultry, ..



Olive oil /Extra Virgin, Premium/ with basil flavor 250mlOLIVE OIL WITH BASILDelicate oil with basil gives an exquisite taste and wonderful aroma to meat, vegetable, pizza, pasta dishes. Pairs well with young cheeses.This oil is an exquisite additive..


Olive oil with black pepper flavor

OLIVE OIL WITH BLACK PEPPER TASTE.A richer taste of many salads, meat and fish dishes gives olive oil with a taste of black pepper.This oil will especially emphasize the aroma of grilled dishes.Extra Virgin Olive Oil.Edible, unrefined, extra virgin o..


Olive oil with garlic extract

OLIVE OIL WITH GARLIC TASTE.Olive oil with garlic diversifies your usual menu. The product will reveal a new side of seafood and meat dishes, it is also very suitable for dressing salads.In addition, garlic has a large number of beneficial ingredient..


Olive oil with lemon flavor

OLIVE OIL WITH LEMON FLAVORSIt is a versatile helper in your kitchen. Oil gives almost all dishes an exquisite taste and aroma, perfectly complements them.Especially fish and green salads acquire an unusual taste.Importantly, olive oil with lemon ext..


Olive oil with orange flavor

OLIVE OIL ORANGEOlive oil with orange flavorThe oil has a delightful citrus aroma and a rich taste reminiscent of summer. Ideal as a flavoring for salads, sauces, fish, white meats and risottos. Just add a few drops of oil to your favorite dishes and..


Olive oil with Rosemary

Olive oil with Rosemary OLIVE OIL WITH ROSEMARY FLAVORSOil of medium consistency, slightly thicker than usual, beautiful golden color, pleasant aroma and slightly tart taste.The sweetish, slightly pine aroma of rosemary goes well with salads, so..


Peanut oil

Peanut oil 100%• Improves memory, attention and hearing. Increases potency, libido• Reduces cholesterol• Is used  for weight loss diets• Helps in nervous tissue, heart, liver normal functioningIs recommended:• in case of  fatigue, insomnia•..


Pine nut oil

A symbol of youth and longevity.Product for the daily diet
 with nourishing, restorative and healing properties.Strengthens the immune system. Has an antioxidant activity and slows down the aging process.Normalizes metabolism. Contributes to the remo..


Pumpkin oil

Pumpkin oil has hepatitis protection properties, reparative, inflammatory, antisclerotic, antihistamine and anti-ulcer properties. It stimulates the renal filtration and excretion functions for patients of diffuse liver damage, including the genesis ..


Rosehip oil

ROSE HIP SEED OILReal, live, 100% ROSE HIP SEED OIL without preservatives, flavorings and flavorings.Unrefined, Extra Virgin.Par mežrozīšu augļu dziednieciskajām īpašībām ir zināms kopš senatnes, tos lietoja, lai  dziedētu brūces un, tāpat kā ci..


Sea-buckthorn oil

Sea buckthorn oil contains a unique combination of vitamins and bioactive substances, including carotenoids, tocopherols, which are important for the normalization of the body’s fatty acids.Has a bracing effect. Effectively restores the power of peop..


Sesame oil

Sesame oilThe oil is made of sesame seeds, it has a pleasant smell and taste of hazelnut flavor. In addition, unlike the seeds which perish if they are not dried sesame maintains its healthy properties for a long time.Sesame oil practically does not ..


Truffle olive oil

OLIVE OIL WITH TRUFFLETruffle olive oilOlive oil with truffle extract is not only an exquisite delicacy, but also a real elixir for beauty and longevity.Truffle oil can be used as a fragrant and unusual seasoning for salads and ready-made meat, fish ..



Walnutoil containsa recordamount ofvitamin Е (warning toxaemia).Greckij orehReducescholesterolin the blood, reducesthe risk ofcardiacdisease, promoteseliminationof radionuclidesfrom the body, strongly tones andincreases thebody defense abilitiesa.Res..


Wheat germ oil

Wheat germ oil..


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