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PINK LOTUS ABSOLUTE / LOTUS PINK ABSOLUTE OIL / NELUMBO NUCIFERALotus absolute has an exquisite honey-sweet, thick floral earthy aroma with spicy,juicy notes of ripe fruits. The pink lotus is considered the most heavenly - fragrant of all lotus flowe..


Amaranth. Seed Protein

Amaranth flourGranules from Amaranth seeds.SUPER FOODPROTEIN + TISSUE AND ALL VITAMINS!Granules (meal) from amaranth seeds actively rejuvenates, strengthens the immune system, anti-inflammatory, antitumor agent.Ingredients: Energy value per 100 g: 37..


Amber glass bottles

Glass bottles of amber color 100ml., 250ml., 500ml.Our exclusive bottles are ideal for storing vegetable, Extra Virgin oils, various food products ..... ..


Bazilika eļļa

Basil (Ocimum basilicum)Essential oil of basil is obtained from the flowers and leaves of the plant by the method of steam distillation. The oil has a clear or light yellow color.In India, basil is a sacred herb, due to its universal properties, and ..


Beard oil "Bārdainis klasiskā"

Beard Oil "Bārdainis Klasiskā”For skin irritation and silkiness“Bārdainis Klasiska” beard oil was created to soothe irritated skin as much as possible. Lavender and eucalyptus can easily cope with this, if necessary, prophylactic and tea tree oil wil..


Beard oil "Bārdainis Neitrāls”

Beard Oil “Bārdainis Neitrāls”  For daily use with your favorite perfume fragrance.Many men have their favorite aromas - perfumes, cologne ... and they don’t really like to confuse it with other aromas, therefore in the Bārdoinis series there is..


Beard oil "Bārdainis Super”

Beard Oil "Bārdainis Super”For growth and silkiness of the beard.Bārdainis Super Beard Oil has a stunning formula - a brutal, truly masculine fragrance. Brutality is given by shades of black pepper, sandalwood, incense. Peace and confidence are given..


Beard oil"Bārdainis Afrodiziaks”

Beard Oil ”Bārdainis Afrodiziaks” .  With a good aroma you are irresistible!Designed to enhance attractiveness of the opposite sex.And of course, this cocktail nourishes and moisturizes the skin and hair with all the necessary trace element..


Black cumin seed flour. Protein.

Гранулы из семян Чёрного тминаBlack cumin seed granulesSUPER FOODPROTEIN + CELL AND ALL VITAMINS!“Nigella cures all diseases except death. (Quran - Prophet Muhammad.)The essential oils contained in the seeds, having a pleasant raspberry smell, have a..



CALENDULA OILCalendula macerate / Calendula oil / Calendula extractCalendula officinalis also known as MarigoldsCalendula oil is one of the best liquid base oils in aromatherapy. This healing culture, known in folk and traditional medicine, has becom..



CARROT OILCarrot macerate / Carrot oil / Carrot extractOrganic Carrot Root Oil is produced using CO2 extraction for natural extractionall lipophilic properties of components soluble in CO2 from dried roots of wild carrots.It has a pleasant light, swe..


Castor oil

Castor oilCastor oil obtained by cold pressing.The effectiveness of castor oil has been proven by more than one generation. Even our great-grandmothers used castor oil to care for their hair, face and body.For years, castor oil has been prescribed by..


Chili pepper flavored olive oil



Cypress essential oil



Domaska rose oil 20% in jojoba oil.

Domaskaya rose oil 20% in jojoba oil.In the 6th century BC, the Greek poet Sappho described Rose as the “queen of flowers”.Rosa Domasskaya is one of the most complex of the well-known essential oils. It contains more than 300 chemical compounds, most..


Elixir Women Health

Composition:- Evening primrose oil (evening primrose), sesame (til), avocados, amaranth, black cumin, sea buckthorn, walnut and mustard.- Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B4, B6, B9, C, D, E, P, K,- Polyunsaturated fatty acids: Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9- Fito..


Essential Camphor oil.

Essential camphor or white camphor oil. Cinnamomum Camphora (camphor) treeExtraction of essential oils of white camphor from new shoots of the camphor tree growing in China and Japan using the method of steam distillation. Yellow or brown camphor oil..


Evening flower Primrose flour

Nectar seeds pelletsSUPER FOODPROTEIN + FIBERS and chews!Enoteras seed meal (pellets) helps to restore the female reproductive system, it is recommended to use in case of menstrual pain or infertility, and to reduce health problems during menopause.E..



Frangipan Absolute oil / Plumeria Absolute OilFrangipan Absolute is extracted from the five petaled, creamy white flowers of the Plumeria shrubnative to the islands of the Caribbean and Central America.Frangipan Absolute oil with its essential rich, ..


Frankincense essential oil

LADAN essential oil / Frankincense /Frankincense essential oil  is a low tree that grows mainly in North Africa and some other countries of the Arab world. They assemble it in such a way - cuts are made on the bark of the tree, from which r..


Gift Cards EUR 25

Gift Cards EUR 25..


Glass bottles of amber color

Bottles for aromatherapy and essential oils.Glass bottles of amber color 5 ml, 10 ml, 50 ml have droppers...


Glass, flat bottles

Glass, flat bottle 50ml and 100ml. amber-colored with brown plastic cap..


Gourmet Olive Oil 500ml Extra Virgin, Premium

Gourmet Olive Oil / Extra Virgin, Premium /Possibly the best of olive oils!Olive Oil - Extra Virgin, Premium, PICUAL OR MARTEA Grade This is a world famous olive oil, it produces an exceptional oil with green tones, with a bitter, fruity taste. If th..


Hemp seed flour. Protein

Hemp seed granules. ProteinSUPER FOOD BIOPROTEIN + CELLGranules (meal) from hemp seeds for a healthy liver and a beautiful figure!Hemp is one of the most effective medicinal plants in folk medicine. Various preparations are made from it for the treat..


Hygienic Hand Sanitizer

Based on World Health Organization Recommended Formula alcohol-based, containing glycerin and hydrogen peroxide.70% alcohol gel for hand disinfection using natural emollients - essential oils of lavender, sage and eucalyptus.Lavender, Eucalyptus..


Jasmine Absolute essentiala oil 20% in jojoba oil.

Absolute 20% jasmine oil in jojoba oil.Jasmine essential oil - obtained from the flowers of the plant by distillation with water vapor.Aroma: heavy, very strong, deep, musky, rich, warm floral.Properties: Exclusive oil, belongs to the aphrodisiac gro..



JASMINE ABSOLUTE / JASMINE ABSOLUTE / GRANDIFLORUM / JASMINE SAMBACJasmine Absolute essential oil is extracted from the gorgeous jasmine flowers found in India.Jasmine Absolute has an incredibly floral, sensual, very sweet and long-lasting scent. Ver..


Jojoba oil

Žožobas  eļļa ir unikāls, dabīgs produkts, ko iegūst no mūžzaļa krūma augļiem. Šie augi aug pašās karstākajās un sausākajās vietās uz mūsu planētas. Žožobas rieksti satur apmēram 50% vaska, tādēļ žožobas eļļu nereti dēvē par šķidro vasku.Žo..


Juniper berries essential oil

Juniper berries (Junniperus communis Fruit oil)Juniper essential oil is obtained from juniper berries by distillation with water vapor.Aroma: Juniper Oil has a persistent wood - moss aroma.Aromatic properties: Aphrodisiac.In aromatherapy: Promotes th..


Lavender essential oi

Broadleaf Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia)Lavender essential oil is obtained from the flowers of the tree by distillation with water vapor.Aromatic properties: Calming, promoting deep meditation, relaxation and restoration of energy, promotes self-k..






LILY ABSOLUTE  / LILY ABSOLUTE OIL / Lilium Candidum Absolute / Madonna lilu Flower Absolute.The  oil of Lily Absolute is extracted from the delicate fragrant flowers of the white Candida Lily grownin France in the countryside.Lily absolute..


Linseed oil

LINSEED OILCharacteristics of our linseed oil:cold-pressed at a temperature till 45 ° (while maintaining our ancestral traditions)during the pressing 100% food flax is used (Kudrjavecs` kind)rich in Omega-3 (our oil has six times more omega-3 than in..


Macadamia oil

MACADAMIA OILMacadamia oil - live, unrefined, 100%, obtained by cold pressing, without the addition of preservatives, flavors and flavorings.VizaOilGroupThe Macadamia tree grows mainly in Australia, some of its species grow in the countries of South ..


Milk seed granules. Protein.

  MILK SEED GRANULESSUPER FOOD BIOPROTEIN + CELL AND ALL VITAMINS!Milk thistle flour for a healthy liver and a beautiful figure!Milk thistle is one of the most effective medicinal herbs. From it produce world-famous drugs for the treatment of di..



MIMOSA ABSOLUTE / Acacia Decurrens Absolute Mimosa absolute is extracted from the fluffy yellow flowers of Mimosa (Acacia delbata) native to Australia.Mimosa oil absolute has a sweet floral slightly woody aroma, is one of the leaders in the perf..


Mirra essential oil

Essential oil of Mirra / Mirras eļļa / Commiphora myrrhaMyrrh's essential oil is obtained by steam distillation from the resin of the Biblical Myrrh tree.Country of Origin: Countries of the Arabian Peninsula. It is known since ancient times as a sacr..



Mumio100% natural, refined MUMIE pasteThe first mentions of MUMIE are over three thousand years old. Mumiyo was known in ancient Persia, Babylon,Egypt, Greece, ancient Rome and of course Asia. The word mummy itself has a base from the Greek language ..


Mustard oil

MUSTARD OIL / Sinepju eļļaMUSTARD OIL / Sinepju eļļa Mustard oil - from the seeds of yellow mustard, has been successfully used for many centuries not only as a valuable dietary food product, but also as a multifunctional therapeutic and prophyl..


Neem butter

Nīma eļļа– spēcīgs antiseptisks, pretsēnīšu un pretiekaisuma līdzeklis, tam ir antibakteriālas un brūces dziedējošas īpašības. Eļļa ir ļoti efektīva, ārstējot dažādas ādas slimības, ir spēcīgs ādu mitrinošs un balinošs līdzeklis. Nīma eļļa attīra asi..


Olive oil 500ml Extra Virgin, Premium

Olive oil / Extra Virgin, Premium /PICUAL OR MARTEA varietyIt is a famous variety in the world, it produces an exceptional oil with green tones, with a bitter, fruity taste. If the oil is young, it is even pungent, astringent with a pronounced aroma...


Olive oil with a mushroom taste

Olive oil with a mushroom tasteOLIVE OIL Ideal for enriching the taste of dishes, regardless of how they are prepared. A few drops of oil are enough and the dish will acquire a unique taste.This oil will emphasize the freshness and aroma of poultry, ..



Olive oil /Extra Virgin, Premium/ with basil flavor 250mlOLIVE OIL WITH BASILDelicate oil with basil gives an exquisite taste and wonderful aroma to meat, vegetable, pizza, pasta dishes. Pairs well with young cheeses.This oil is an exquisite additive..


Olive oil with black pepper flavor

OLIVE OIL WITH BLACK PEPPER TASTE.A richer taste of many salads, meat and fish dishes gives olive oil with a taste of black pepper.This oil will especially emphasize the aroma of grilled dishes.Extra Virgin Olive Oil.Edible, unrefined, extra virgin o..


Olive oil with garlic extract

OLIVE OIL WITH GARLIC TASTE.Olive oil with garlic diversifies your usual menu. The product will reveal a new side of seafood and meat dishes, it is also very suitable for dressing salads.In addition, garlic has a large number of beneficial ingredient..


Olive oil with lemon flavor

OLIVE OIL WITH LEMON FLAVORSIt is a versatile helper in your kitchen. Oil gives almost all dishes an exquisite taste and aroma, perfectly complements them.Especially fish and green salads acquire an unusual taste.Importantly, olive oil with lemon ext..


Olive oil with orange flavor

OLIVE OIL ORANGEOlive oil with orange flavorThe oil has a delightful citrus aroma and a rich taste reminiscent of summer. Ideal as a flavoring for salads, sauces, fish, white meats and risottos. Just add a few drops of oil to your favorite dishes and..


Olive oil with Rosemary

Olive oil with Rosemary OLIVE OIL WITH ROSEMARY FLAVORSOil of medium consistency, slightly thicker than usual, beautiful golden color, pleasant aroma and slightly tart taste.The sweetish, slightly pine aroma of rosemary goes well with salads, so..


PET plastic jars.

PET plastic jars. 100ml and 150ml with aluminum screw cap.All our jars are safe and certified for food...


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